59-True Hero Under God-    Male 22
Last Visit: 05/03/2014

59-True Hero blah 05-03-14 01:14
ill never find another girl like her 😒 we connected on a whole other level. Oh well then. No future plans now
59-True Hero lonely 03-02-14 10:48
::heartbroken 💔
59-True Hero loved 12-14-13 21:44
Hi babe (: lol im back! Gotta hack the baby's shit you know , baby , I love you soo much , there's nothing more in the world then I can say I'm grateful for then YOU !! My day 1 my rock my world my mind my soul and my HEART te amo
59-True Hero amused 07-29-13 12:25
Funformobile said their gunna add pop-ups and U.O.N.E.O it
59-True Hero mad 07-29-13 12:08
Is it just my shit or is ffm full up pop-ups n ads now smh not feelin this shit frfr.
59-True Hero bored 07-28-13 20:56
Fwm. Aint been on in a minute
59-True Hero loved 07-13-13 02:04
Cupcake here hacking(: ... Brandon i love you soo much(: It aint even funny what you mean to me... Words cant even explain it. You know im ya bae no matta what & its gon be us til the end of the world boo.. Te quiero mucho babe Kiss -Dess(:
59-True Hero loved 07-13-13 02:03
Cupcake here hacking
59-True Hero bored 05-29-13 13:30
Add me?
59-True Hero 05-28-13 00:40
Lms if u think im kutee? Nobody? -.- okay

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