209 BORN &' RAiSED    Female 23
Last Visit: 10/20/2014

209 BORN &' 10-19-14 08:45
No Juzgues Mis Decisiones ; Si No Sabes Mis Razones.
209 BORN &' 10-18-14 05:50
I Don't Care What We Do, As Long As We're High And Together I'm Fine. ❤💋 (;
209 BORN &' 10-17-14 19:54
El Amor Cuando No Muere, Mata. Porque Amores Que Matan; Nunca Mueren.
209 BORN &' 10-13-14 03:14
I'm Not The "Jealous Type" I'm The "Selfish Type" So What's Mine Is Mine, Don't Fuck With It..
209 BORN &' 10-07-14 19:13
Can't Run Game On A Girl, Who Watch Her Brother(s) Run It On Others. 💯
209 BORN &' 10-07-14 04:34
Amor De Cuatro Paredes.. Nadie Tiene Que Saberlo.. Solo Se Que Tu Me Quieres.. Yo Por Ti Me Estoy Muriendo.. Y Aunque Pase Lo Que Pase, Seras Mio Aunque Sea En Silencio..
209 BORN &' 10-06-14 08:21
I'm Gonna Love You Until You Hate Me And I'm Gonna Show You What's Really Crazy ❤
209 BORN &' 10-06-14 05:56
No Te Extraño Ya Te Lo E Demostrado Ahora Prefiero Estar Sola Que Mal Acompañada ; No Quiero Ya Volver A Verte (;
209 BORN &' 10-05-14 06:35
I Can Break You Down Psychologically. You Wanna Play Little Games, I'll Break You Down. You're A Punk Baby I'm A Queen. You're So Irrelevant, I See Right Through You. You Just Don't Exist.
209 BORN &' 10-05-14 05:21
"It's Okay, It's Alright." I Put The Pain Away And Let It Slide.. I Forgive And Forget..& I'm Crazy For Thinking That One Day You'll Change When You Keep Crossing The Line..

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