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SusanRenee's PROFILE
Real Name: Susan
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: I work, what's your excuse?!
City: Belleville/Sumpter Twp
State: Belleville, Michigan
Country: United States
Member Since: June 14, 2008
SusanRenee's INTEREST
General: ROCK & ROLL AINT NOISE POLLUTION! reading, friends, family, music, movies, tv, singing, dancing, shopping, chat, computer, eating out, bowling, billiards, bars
Music: 80s, hard rock, arena rock, industrial, oldies, classic rock, metal, old school r&b, alternative
Movies: I like a lot of movies
Television: Golden Girls, CSI:NY, Family Guy, Food Network, HGTV, American Dad, Castle, DWTS, CSI, Body of Proof, Last Man Standing, Bachelor/Bachelorette, A Gifted Man, Hell's Kitchen, SOA, InkMaster, Couples Therapy, Malibu Country
Books: Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton, Wendy Corsi Staub, J. D. Robb, Shannon McKenna, Sherrilyn Kenyon
Heroes: Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition & Brandon Knauss from A Brandon Intervention on Dr Phil
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