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Born N Hated As a THUGS! Letz show theze foolz how we do it on this (WESTSIDE!) Cuz U n I know who tha bestside! 2Pac

The New and Heartless (Untouchable) {MALAVIOLENT}'s PROFILE
Real Name: Malaviolent Tha Don
Marital Status: Single, Not Looking
Occupation: I gotz no Luv N my heart cuz I`m HeartLess!
City: 4Give me I'm a Ridah TRUST NOBODY!!
State: They label me a Troublemaker! TRUST NOBODY!
Country: United States
Member Since: November 18, 2008
The New and Heartless (Untouchable) {MALAVIOLENT}'s INTEREST
General: I Swear Ill Never Call U Bitch Again, My Apologies 2 Da Ladies. When a Brotha Says I Hate Hoes I'm Not Only Labeling Females Coz Nowadays Fellas R Da Biggest Hoes, No Doubt Bout It! I Can't Stand Fake Ass Bitches! If Dis Offends U, Fuck U Die Slow!
Hobbies: My adversaries gettin worried tha Paranoid of gettin buried 1 of us iz gonna C da cemetary Tha wonda if my Lifestyle change? Am I thru wit all da Pain? Survivin N dis Game iz still da Same. 2Pac
Music: 2Pac! Makaveli! Tupac! U Get Da Point So Fuck Every1 Else! Only God Man Dat Right? Dats Real Hahaha Fuck Everybody Else, Ya Know What Im saying? Man Look Here Man My Only Fear of Death Is Comin Back 2Dis Bitch Reincarnated @MalaviolentDon
Movies: Don't Have Time 4 Movies, Only Move 4 Money. (Mr. Nobody Luvs Me I'm a Thug Nigga)
Television: “Only God Can Judge Me Dat Which Does Not Kill Me Can Only Make Me Stronger I Dont C Why Everybody Feel As Though Dat Da Gotta Tell Me How 2Live My Life”
Books: I Gots No Friends Just Associates People I Talk 2 Fuck Friendz! I Trust Nobody!
Games: A Hater Becomes a Hater When U Become Popular! Keep Hatin Me Muthafuckas Coz It Movitates Me!
Heroes: I Learned The Real Meaning Of Luv. Love Is Absolute Loyalty. People Fade, Looks Fade, But Loyalty Never Fades. U Can Depend So Much On Certain People, U Can Set Your Watch By Them. And That's Love, Even If It Doesn't Seem Very Exciting.
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Lillie Sunsh...
Sep 18, 2014 09:11 PM

Sep 14, 2014 06:18 PM

Hello Kitty
Sep 13, 2014 09:26 PM
Who are all these pics 4?

Sep 12, 2014 10:33 AM
If this was only true I, this part of my life would be completed. Your no where to be found. I often pray to God to mold what I have today or " Send Me An Angel" By Veronica Herrera aka Loveley209

Shiya.. Cool...
Sep 7, 2014 01:30 PM

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