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What's up? Hi Mature non game playing woman from Pa. Looking to meet new ppl from anywhere for friendship ONLY. So please DO NOT ask for my number.

Uptowngurl50's PROFILE
Real Name: Karina
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: customer service rep
City: Mount Penn
State: Pa
Country: United States
Member Since: October 24, 2007
Uptowngurl50's INTEREST
General: Hey, just saying, but I'm not here to trade pics or see 1 of your dick. Make no mistake, send me a graphic request & I WILL BLOCK YOUR ASS.
Hobbies: listen to music, watch tv, read, be on FFM!
Music: old school, classis rock, LOVE Andrea Bocelli! just about alittle of most every kind of music
Movies: horror, comedy, action. Armegeddon, Die Hard, The Jackal, any movie with Bruce Willis, Weekend at Bernie's, Brokeback Mountain, Goodfellas
Television: I like Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, & The true forensic type shows. Saturday Night Live is cool, too.
Books: suspense novels... anything by Dean Koontz, biographies
Games: i don't have time for playing games or game players... i'm a team player so come get on my side. I do like Scrabble tho!
Heroes: I dunno yet, my son is the closest thing i got to a hero. Look, i pretty much screwed up alot of times in my life and he keeps me about as down to earth as i'm ever gonna get. Yup.
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Nov 24, 2014 11:22 PM
Hi sorry i talk to u in a while friend how have u been doin i miss talking to you ?

Aug 22, 2014 09:12 PM

Stanky Fun N...
Aug 14, 2014 09:56 PM
Well! The last time we spoke, I think I asked you a very inappropriate question...
I'll PM you my #...

Aug 10, 2014 06:49 PM

Jul 20, 2014 03:08 AM

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