man at da pearly gates
Okay so this man dies and goes to heaven.While hes at the pearly gates he sees Satan.Satan approaches him and says "Hellosky I'm Satan as you may know and since heaven is getting a bit crowded St.Peter said that I get to take some people to hell.You get one chance:You have to ask me a question and if I get it right you go to hell.However if by the slim chance I get it wrong you go to heaven.So go ahead give it your best shot." The man stops to think and finally says "Bring me a chair." The devil brings him a chair."Drill seven holes in it"The devil drills seven holes in it.The man sits down and farts.After standing up he turns to the devil and asks "Which hole did I fart out of?"The devil, a bit shocken and surprised, studies the chair.After a while of sniffing and measuring he says"The third to the left"The man laughs and says "Nope"The devil angrily says"Well which fucking hole did you fart through!?!?!?!?!?! As the man is walking through the gates he turns around, smirks, and says"My asswhole.

Feb 1, 2012 06:00 PM
I saw that coming

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